The new S4

The S4 project from Hamburg to Bad Oldesloe

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More convenient, more efficient and more punctual 

Regional rail services between Hamburg, Ahrensburg and Bad Oldesloe have seen a steady increase in passenger numbers in recent years. We are responding by constructing the S4. This new S-Bahn line will provide the region's inhabitants with better local transport between Hamburg and Bad Oldesloe. Some 250,000 people will benefit from this new service.

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In-depth information about the planning process and our construction work

20 kilometres of existing line from Hasselbrook to Ahrensburg-Gartenholz will be upgraded for the new S-Bahn service. The project consists of three sections. Each of them has its own specific planning procedure, which means separate approval is necessary for every section. 

Our project diary

There's a lot happening when it comes to the planning and construction of the new S4. Our project diary keeps track of the latest developments and follows how the project is going. Members of the project team also provide details about their work so you know more about what's happening in the background. It's a mine of interesting information. Enjoy!

Thursday, 4. August 2022

Get a taste of practical experience: 
a visit to the S4 construction project

Those who regularly follow the construction site camera were recently able to discover something else on the construction project besides the usual work: 17 people, equipped with orange safety jackets and helmets, inspected the site on Hammer Straße. DB trainees from all over Germany and colleagues from the Hamburg railway project "Verbindungsbahnentlastungstunnel" (VET) visited the S4 project.

Marian Mischock, 30, a trainee in the infrastructure planning department in Berlin, was happy about the excursion into practice: "We all come from different backgrounds. During my studies of transport economics, I mainly dealt with the theoretical basics of the economic evaluation of transport projects. I am very happy to get to know a transport project at close quarters today".

Thursday, 21. July 2022

S4 on the road in Europe


DB Netz AG / Symbios GmbH

Hamburg's Transport Senator Anjes Tjarks visited the S4 stand (from left to right: Overall Project Manager Amina Karam, Symbios Managing Director Torsten Heid, Hamburg's Transport Senator Anjes Tjarks)

Connecting Europe Days 2022 in Lyon

More than 250.000 people will benefit from the new S4. It creates a strong rail connection between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. Passengers can look forward to a wider range of services and new direct connections.

But what does the project mean for Europe? Quite a lot! The S4 lies on the main transport corridor between Scandinavia and the Mediterranean. The project allows metropolises to grow closer together, creating new living and working spaces. In June, the project was presented at the Connecting Europe Days in Lyon. Deutsche Bahn and the Hanseatic City of Hamburg together represented the important transport project for northern Germany and Europe.

Friday, 27. May 2022

S4 gets a rolling info centre!

Beladung Waggon auf Transporter

DB Netz AG/Pia Haskamp

Two cranes lifted the heavyweight into the air on Tuesday morning.

Those who were on the road between Hamburg harbour and Hammer Straße late on Tuesday evening could see a real giant crawling through the streets. On a heavy transporter, an S-Bahn wagon, weighing about seven elephants, made its way to the S4 construction site. Deutsche Bahn is converting the old wagon from 1975 into an information centre for citizens. From autumn onwards, interested people will be able to find out more about the S4 between Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein in the wagon.