Conservation at DB  

The S4 project plans include a host of measures designed to protect nature. Also known as "avoidance measures", they have a host of applications and are above all designed to ensure that our construction work does not disturb or damage the existing environment. Everything in nature is interlinked. As a result, our protective measures can develop synergy effects because one specific activity can have a positive impact on several environmental features.  

Our construction plans already include the avoidance measures described here, and we will apply these solutions throughout the entire project. Our environmental supervision experts will monitor our protection goals during the S4's construction. They will also specify the details of each measure so we achieve results that are professional, practical and environmentally sound. 

Natural woodland

Protecting species & biotopes

At our construction sites, we know it is important to protect endangered species and the natural systems that sustain them.

Protecting species & biotopes

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The great crested newt 

Germany's largest native newt lives in planning approval section 2. It is one of the country's protected species, but the construction of the S4 will encroach on its habitat. We are taking various measures to minimise our work's impact on the animals. Click the link for further details.

Great crested newt

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Protecting soil

Our soil conservation measures are designed to ensure that the ground remains productive and preserves its useful characteristics.

Restored land at Glasmoor in Norderstedt

Restored land at Glasmoor in Norderstedt

Protecting water

During the S4's construction, we will ensure that bodies of water remain clean and that all trees have sufficient water. 

Restored land as a new habitat for amphibians in the Stellmoor tunnel valley/Höltigbaum nature reserve

Restored land as a new habitat for amphibians

Protecting the climate & air quality

Protecting air quality and the climate during our construction projects is very important to us. 

Reforestation at Lemsahl-Mellingstedt

Reforestation at Lemsahl-Mellingstedt

Protecting landscapes & green spaces

We use a host of conservation measures to preserve landscapes and ensure they remain inviting as recreational areas.

Wood at Wohldorf. We are creating terrestrial habitats and bodies of water here

Wood at Wohldorf. We are creating terrestrial habitats and bodies of water here

Legal framework 

Protecting flora and fauna is of vital importance to Deutsche Bahn. Germany's environmental legislation, the Federal Railway Authority's environmental guidelines and other laws form a statutory framework for our construction projects. The above-mentioned measures were all covered in our environmental impact study, and they all feature in our environmental impact mitigation plan.

The environmental impact assessment is the basis for the preparatory planning stage. Independent experts set to work early on a wide-ranging study to identify, analyse and evaluate the impact that a construction project has on people, animals and the environment. A crucial part of this assessment is what is known as scoping: officials and conservation associations involved in the procedure come to meetings to hear and discuss the measures we are planning. They then have the opportunity to add their comments and state their own demands. 

Deutsche Bahn is using the S4's environmental impact assessment to develop a mitigation plan that will provide the maximum possible level of protection for nature and natural landscapes. We are coordinating this activity with the relevant state authorities. Whenever construction work has an unavoidable impact on the environment, we will compensate by creating features with an equal if not enhanced ecological function. 

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