We are constructing the new S4 line for you

Amina Karam is the public face of the S4, and she is just as international as Germany's main port city. She joined the project as General Project Director on 1 February 2021. Originally from Morocco, she is now back in Germany after spending several years outside the country, her adopted home. Not only is she fluent in German, Arabic, French and English, but she is also a communicative and hands-on manager who is keenly aware of how important the new S4 is for the entire Hamburg region. 

Overall Project Management

Amina Karam
General Project Director

"I want to strengthen the partnership between our project team, the central and state governments, the participating construction companies and the public so that, together, we can focus on the S4 project and successfully achieve our collective goals." 

Amina Karam

We are the S4-Team   

Working together for a common goal – the construction of the new line S4. This page names the key members of the project team. 

Peter Mantik is responsible for the S4 project's PR work. You can contact him by e-mail or phone at +49 (0) 40 3918 4449. 

Financial Management

Matthias Oetting
Matthias OettingHead of Financial Project Management

Executive Department

Katrin Richter
Katrin RichterAssistant to the General Project Director & Communication Specialist
Anna Bunde
Anna BundeTechnical 
assistant to the Project Team
(on behalf of DB)
Carolyn Blank
Carolyn BlankTeam Assistant
Karl-Jürgen Knoth
Karl-Jürgen KnothSenior Project 
Risk Analyst & 
Contract Expert 
(on behalf of DB)
Amina Benbetka
Amina Benbetka Project Engineer Quality & Process Management

Building Approval Procedure & Common Law Affairs

Maria Batsch
Maria BatschDepartment Manager 
Area & Property Management
Franziska Kulp
Franziska DiedrichArea & Property Management
Volker-Roger Schweitzer
Volker-Roger SchweitzerArea & Property Management

Communication and Press

Peter Mantik
Peter MantikPress Officer Infrastructure Communications
Pia Haskamp
Pia HaskampSpecialist

Management of Organisational Units 

Kerstin Bernau
Kerstin BernauHead of Technical Department / 
Back Office
Kerstin Thomsen
Kerstin ThomsenHead of 
Construction Section 1 and 3 
Cassandra Möhring
Cassandra MöhringHead of Construction Operations and Commissioning
Armin Ismic
Armin IsmicHead of Railway Engineering (Superstructure/Railway, Equipment Engineering, Environment/ Geology/Disposal)
Michael Kablitz
Michael KablitzHead of Planning 

Project Management for Construction Sections

Construction Section 1

Janina Trampf
Janina TrampfDepartment Manager
Structural Engineering & Station Construction
Stefan Fechner
Stefan FechnerDepartment Manager 
Structural Engineering & Station Construction

Mohamed Eleskandrany
Mohamed EleskandranyProject Engineer

Construction Section 2

Mohamed Nadjib Khellouf
Mohamed Nadjib KhelloufDepartment Manager
Structural Engineering & Station Construction
Michael Bruckmann
Michael BruckmannDepartment Manager
Structural Engineering & Station Construction

Construction Section 3

Petra Nienaber
Petra NienaberDepartment Manager
Structural Engineering & Station Constructionn

Torben Westermann
Torben WestermannProject Engineer
Structural Engineering & Station Construction

Rail Technology 

Gero Bunde
Gero BundeProject Manager 
Electromechanical Engineering 
(on behalf of DB)
Tino Danner
Tino DannerDepartment Manager
Electromechanical Engineering

Manfred Dettmer
Manfred DettmerProject Engineer 
Metin Erkan
Metin Erkan Project Engineer
Electromechanical Engineering & Engineer Control-Command
Tim Burmester
Tim BurmesterProject Engineer
Electromechanical Engineering
Marc Rassmann
Marc RassmannProject Engineer Electromechanical Engineering
(on behalf of DB)
Denis Manuilenko
Denis ManuilenkoProject Engineer Electromechanical Engineering
(on behalf of DB)

Pipeline & Cable Crossings

Arber Bytyqi
Arber BytyqiProject Engineer
Pipeline, Cable Crossings & Rail Crossings

Contract and claims management

Horst Röttgen
Horst RöttgenHead of Contract &
Claims Management
(on behalf of DB)

Dominik Groh
Dominik GrohContract &
Claims Manager

Technical Department / Back Office

Kirsten Lange
Kirsten LangeDepartment Manager
Planning & Contracting
Elnaz Ranjgari
Elnaz RanjgariDepartment Manager Costs, Finances & Risks

Fabián Marín
Fabián MarínProject Engineer 
Project Planning 
Marc Hecht
Marc HechtProject Engineer Technical Department
Stella Tran
Stella TranProject Planning Coordinator
Karin Teucher
Karin TeucherTeam Assistant
Cornelia Eggers
Cornelia EggersProject Engineer 
Documentation Management
Hubert Josch
Hubert JoschProject Engineer 
Risk Management

Environment, Geology and Waste Disposal Department

Laura Schneider
Laura SchneiderDepartment Manager
Suzanne Jock
Suzanne JockProject Engineer

Financial Management Team

Insa-Mareen Halupczok
Insa-Mareen Halupczok Department Manager Financial Project Management

Michael Salchow
Michael SalchowFinancial Project Management
Swantje Hochreiner
Swantje HochreinerFinancial Project Management
Jasper Schulz
Jasper SchulzFinancial Project Management
Svea Wortmann
Svea WortmannFinancial Project Management
Sandra S. Lopez
Sandra S. LopezFinancial Project Management
Niklas Jäger
Niklas JägerFinancial Project Management
Patrick Hanke
Patrick HankeFinancial Project Management
Juliane Giehler
Juliane GiehlerFinancial Project Management

Construction & Supervision 

Ehsan Ahmadi
Ehsan AhmadiOffice Management 
Stefan Petersen
Stefan PetersenHead Construction Supervisor 

Christine Kalka
Christine KalkaInvoice Settlement
Sandro Schütze
Sandro SchützeResource Management
Artur Wanicki
Artur WanickiStructural Engineering
Peyman Modaberdabagh
Peyman ModaberdabaghPermanent way & Structural Engineering
Torben Oeser
Torben OeserPermanent way & Structural Engineering
Eslam Harhour
Eslam HarhourPermanent way & Structural Engineering
Islam Khalefa
Islam KhalefaPermanent way & Structural Engineering
Kris Baumgart
Kris BaumgartPermanent way
Janina Leptien
Janina LeptienOverhead Line Systems
Osaro Bright Agbontean
Osaro Bright AgbonteanOverhead Line Systems
Michael Schmidt
Michael SchmidtOverhead Line Systems
Leonard-Vincent Brüning
Leonard-Vincent BrüningControl-command & Signalling
Dr Christine Bahr
Dr Christine BahrWaste Management 
(Competenza GmbH – on behalf of DB)
Dr Milad Moradi
Dr Milad MoradiConstruction Supervision 
(R&K Ingenieure - 
on behalf of DB)

Students working on the S4 project 

Kilian Schulze
Kilian SchulzeDual Student
Electromechanical Engineering 

Our S4 project partners

The S4 project is a joint undertaking between the German states of Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Different ministries and public bodies in these states oversee the building of the new suburban rail line to Bad Oldesloe. We have listed the main contacts here. 

BMV logo
Hamburger's authority for Transport and New Mobility (BVM)Known as BVM (Behörde für Verkehr und Mobilitätswende), Hamburg's authority for transport and new mobility makes sure the city stays mobile. It is helping to finance the new S4. BVM representatives are also involved in the decision-making process because their goal is to strengthen the Hamburg region's transport network.More information
Logo of Schleswig-Holstein's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and Tourism
Schleswig-Holstein's Ministry of Economic Affairs, Transport, Employment, Technology and TourismThe state's transport ministry co-finances the construction of the new S4 line and is involved on a number of decision-making levels. The S4 will strengthen transport links between Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.More information
Logo of the EU's Connecting Europe Facility
Connecting Europe FacilityThe EU's Connecting Europe Facility co-finances the planning phase of the S4. This EU fund supports strategic transport projects across Europe with the goal of promoting integrated and sustainable mobility.More information
Hamburger Verkehrsverbund Logo
Hamburger VerkehrsverbundKnown as hvv, Hamburg's transport association will assume responsibility for operating the S4 line once building work finishes. For this reason, it is also involved in the project's planning and construction.More information
S-Bahn Hamburg's logo
S-Bahn HamburgS-Bahn Hamburg will be responsible for S4 services once the line opens.More information
S-Bahn Hamburg logo
Hochbahn HamburgHamburger Hochbahn AG is part the city's hvv transport association, running the city's metro system and the majority of its buses.More information
NAH.SH logo
NAH.SHNAH.SH GmbH manages rail transport in Schleswig-Holstein on behalf of the state government.More information
DB E&C logo
DB Engineering & ConsultingDB Engineering & Consulting is involved in the S4 planning process in its capacity as Deutsche Bahn international specialist for engineering and consulting.More information
IHK Lübeck Logo
Handelskammer HamburgThe Handelskammer Hamburg represents the interests of 170,000 companies and is a service provider for Hamburg's business community. The Handelskammer Hamburg sees the S4 as a elementary component of the mobility turnaround and urgently necessary for the future of the business location Hamburg.Mehr Information

Putting plans into action

First, all measures have to be planned and approved. Then we can start the work of putting the plans into action.

To build the new S4 line, we are working with several construction companies that have unrivalled experience and expertise.

Depenbrock logo
Depenbrock Bau GmbH & Co. KGResponsible for track substructure and superstructure, the permanent way and their construction.More information
DVA logo
DVA Deutsche Verkehrs-Assekuranz-Vermittlungs-GmbHResponsible for the project's insurance.More information
Eiffage-Infra-Northwest logo
Eiffage-Infra-Nordwest GmbHResponsible for site access roads and construction site facilities.More information
HC Hagemann logo
HC Hagemann GmbH & Co. KGResponsible for a temporary bridge.More information
Matthäi Bauunternehmen logo
Matthäi Bauunternehmen GmbH & Co. KG
Matthäi Trimodalbau GmbH
Responsible for the rail overpass at Hammer Strasse, site access roads and construction site facilities. More information
Schweerbau logo
Schweerbau Gmbh & Co. KGResponsible for track substructure and superstructure and the permanent way.More information
Siemens Mobility logo
Siemens Mobility GmbHResponsible for command and control technology.More information
SPITZKE SEResponsible for underground cable installation, the third rail and the construction of Bovestrasse station.More information
Ed. Züblin AG logo
Ed. Züblin AGResponsible for the rail overpass and station at Wandsbek Rathaus and for the Schlossgarten rail overpass.More information
Strabag Rail GmbH logo
Strabag Rail GmbHResponsible for noise barriers.More information
Eurovia GmbH logo
EUROVIA GmbHResponsible for noise barriers.More information
SafeLane logo
SafeLane GlobalResponsible for explosive ordnance detectionMore information
Otto Wulff
Otto Wulff Bauunternehmung GmbHResponsible for Auxiliary bridge over the freight bypass. Mehr Informationen

Working together for a common goal 

A project like the new S4 line between Hamburg and Bad Oldesloe needs to involve a wide variety of people if it is to be a success on every front. These people include planning experts, environmental engineers, construction managers and communications specialists, not to mention employees at external project partners and construction firms. Though we come from very different professional backgrounds, we all share one goal: creating the new S4 line. 

If you want to join the S4 team at DB Netz AG,
just get in touch with our recruiter Katharina Riethmüller by e-mail.

Alternatively, take a look at our careers portal.

DB careers portal

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