The opportunities and benefits of the new S4 line

Regional rail services between Hamburg, Ahrensburg and Bad Oldesloe have seen a steady increase in passenger numbers in recent years. Trains on this route have already reached more or less their full capacity. Local, regional and long-distance services all use the same track and, as a result, they often impede each other, leading to delays and cancellations. In addition, travellers have to change trains to get to destinations within Hamburg. This is only possible at the city's main station, which simply adds to the congestion there. It is precisely these problems that the S4 will alleviate. 

The current situation

  • Rising passenger numbers, trains at maximum capacity
  • Regional, long-distance and freight services all use the same line, leading to delays and cancellations
  • Changing at Hamburg's main station is the only way to get to many destinations within the city
  • The main station's regional and long-distance platforms cannot accommodate more passengers or trains

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The video explains why the new S-Bahn is necessary

The video explains why the new S-Bahn is necessary – and it gives you a first impression of the new line! 

What we're doing 

We are responding by constructing the S4. This new S-Bahn line will provide the region's inhabitants with better local transport between Hamburg and Bad Oldesloe. We are constructing two additional tracks along the existing line. They will carry the S4 once this work is finished, replacing the RB 81 regional service. It often suffers from disruptions due to the mixing of local and long-distance trains on the current line. Regional train RE 80 between Hamburg and Lübeck will continue to operate. We are also building a total of five new stations in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg.

Further information is available in the S4 image brochure.

The details of the planned construction measures can be found here. 

You can download all the project's preliminary planning documents from the website of NAH, Schleswig-Holstein's local transport association. 

Objectives and benefits

People in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein's Stormarn district will benefit equally from the new line.

Project partners and financing

Full information about our project partners is available in the section about our team. Details of the S4's funding are available in the Financing section. 

08.07.2024Construction site camera on section 1