Our project diary

There's a lot happening when it comes to the planning and construction of the new S4. Our project diary keeps track of the latest developments and follows how the project is going. Personal views about this major undertaking are available from different members of the project team, who also explain the details of their work. It's a mine of interesting information. Enjoy!

Monday, 2. May 2022

The S4-Team wishes a blessed Eid!

S4 Osterkarte


Thursday, 14. April 2022

The S4-Team wishes you happy easter!

S4 Osterkarte


Thursday, 3. March 2022

S4 website also in English now!


The S4 is a project of great public interest and one of the largest construction projects in northern Germany.  But the project is not only important on a national level: the Hamburg-Lübeck line is also very significant for the pan-European transport network.

To give all interested parties the opportunity to get information about the project, our website is also available in English now. You can switch between languages by clicking on the language symbol in the top right corner. 

Monday, 20. December 2021

Merry Christmas!

S4 Christmas card

S4 project team

An exciting and eventful year is now drawing to a close. The S4 project reached several milestones over the course of the past 12 months. In spring, there was the groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of the S4's first construction phase. Another high point came when Germany's top administrative court ruled against all of the legal challenges brought against this part of the project. After this final ruling, we can now press ahead with our plans.

The entire project team is delighted to finish the year on such a positive note. Enjoy the festive season, and we hope that 2022 gets off to a great start for you.

Thursday, 28. October 2021

Vegetation control for the S4 – on tour with an environmental expert

Wherever the new S4 line has an impact on nature, conservation is always a top priority for the project team (source: Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG).

Planungsgemeinschaft LaReG

Wherever the new S4 line has an impact on nature, conservation is always a top priority for the project team.

Specialists started the job of trimming and clearing vegetation between the stations at Hasselbrook and Luetkensallee on 20 October 2021. The S4 environment team is always involved in the action.

Environmental and resource management expert Laura Schneider is part of this team. The 33 year-old project engineer focuses all of her energy on her job of protecting the environment during the construction project. To her and everyone else on the S4 team, conservation is a personal mission. "It is important to us that our work doesn't endanger plants or animals, such as the bats that live near the line," she says. Tree hollows are popular with bats because they provide refuge during winter, so checking trees for occupants is a key element in our conservation work. The S4 environment team uses a sheet of fabric to seal unoccupied hollows, while a special exit-only opening makes sure that any bats that might still be inside can get out unharmed. Thanks to this measure, we ensure that the animals cannot inadvertently pick trees slated for removal as their home for the winter.