Our project diary

There's a lot happening when it comes to the planning and construction of the new S4. Our project diary keeps track of the latest developments and follows how the project is going. Personal views about this major undertaking are available from different members of the project team, who also explain the details of their work. It's a mine of interesting information. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 10. April 2024

The S4-Team wishes a blessed Eid!


Tuesday, 9. April 2024

Hearing for the planning approval section 2

From April 22, 2024, the hearing authority will discuss all objections and comments on the plan and the changes to the plan for Section 2 with us as the project carrier, the authorities, public interest groups and the objectors. Section 2 of the S4 S-Bahn line project extends from Luetkensallee to the Hamburg/Schleswig-Holstein state border.

The hearing is an oral hearing within the meaning of the Hamburg Administrative Procedure Act and is not open to the public .

Only those persons who have submitted an objection or statement on Section 2 or a person authorized by these persons by means of a written declaration may attend. Participants may also be accompanied by a representative. Participants are required to show photo identification. Please note that expenses incurred through participation will not be reimbursed.

Further information on the hearing in PFA 2 can be found here. The Hamburg Authority for Economics and Innovation is responsible for organizing and conducting the hearing.

"At the hearing, we would like to discuss your objections and comments constructively with you in order to reach a good agreement for you and for the S4. I look forward to seeing you!"
- Amina Karam, General Director S-Line S4 & High-Performance-Corridor Hamburg-Lübeck

Wednesday, 27. March 2024

Happy Easter wishes the S4- Team!

Easter 2024

Monday, 25. March 2024

The S-Bahn line S4 at the Connecting Europe Days


From 2 to 5 April 2024 you will find us again at the Connecting Europe Days in Brussels.

The Connecting Europe Days are one of the largest European Union (EU) events on mobility, bringing together a wide range of participants and stakeholders from the EU and neighbouring third countries.

This year, ministers, politicians, representatives of the mobility and transport industry, interest groups and the European Commission, among others, will talk about and discuss concrete measures and proven strategies for a sustainable, resilient and smart transport and mobility network in Europe.

Monday, 11. March 2024

We wish you a peaceful Ramadan!

27.03.2024Construction site camera on section 1